Artificial Intelligence

We are proud to work as the exclusive partner to pioneering AI Start-ups and a small number of Hedge Funds who are doubling down and investing heavily into AI Research to beat the market. We are often complimented for offering candidates unique access to some of the most exciting opportunities globally across:

Large Language Models, NLP, Reinforcement learning

We collaborate closely with AI pioneers engaged in both Applied and Foundational Research. Our expertise lies in the recruitment of exceptional Research Scientists and Engineers who possess a profound understanding of the theory underpinning transformer architecture. They have honed their practical skills to perfection and possess the expertise to seamlessly implement machine-learning solutions into real-world production. The typical skills we consistently seek are Natural Language Processing, SOTA, Sequence-to-Sequence parsing, Machine Translation (NMT), Deep Learning, and Reinforcement Learning.

GenAI, Computer Vision, Multimodal Learning / GANs / Diffusion Models

We proudly partner with a select group of the most dynamic GenAI startups globally, comprising five of the current frontrunners in the field. These visionary companies have secured funding from esteemed entities such as OpenAI, Sequoia, and Nvidia. We’re always actively networking with those well-versed in the domain of Generative models, GANs and Diffusion models. Our clients are pioneers who lead the way in diverse domains including Text-to-Video synthesis, 3D Computer Vision, Multimodal applications, and NeRFs.

Statistical Machine Learning

For years, our world-renowned clients have built pioneering ML-powered products, harnessing mathematical and statistical models to drive innovation. Be it ML models revolutionising FinTech, catalysing Energy Markets, or streamlining intricate Logistics operations, we remain at the forefront of recruiting exceptional Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers. We prioritise those who not only possess technical expertise but are also commercially astute, driven by a commitment to deliver long-term business value.

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