Imagine a recruitment experience where your vision is not only understood but celebrated. Step into a world where excellence isn't just a goal—it's a proven reality, championed by the 70% of clients who've chosen us as their exclusive recruitment ally.

From pipelines that flow with untapped potential to clusters of curated talent, and from batches of possibilities to dedicated committers, we've meticulously cultivated a robust technical knowledge base in this vibrant and burgeoning industry. Our commitment? To grasp the intricate threads of technical demands and weave them seamlessly into tailored solutions.

At our core, it's a people-first ethos that fuels our approach. We're not just recruiters; we're your collaborators in envisioning the future. Through meticulous dialogue and strategic alignment, we harmonize your needs with our insights, refining searches to unveil hidden gems. Every candidate that graces your consideration is a result of our rigorous vetting process, ensuring they are not only qualified but the perfect match for your aspirations.

When it comes to meaningful connections, we're not just faces on a screen. We're here to listen, to consult, and to resonate with the nuances that shape your goals—both overt and nuanced. This is where we truly shine. While others may plunge into the process, we excel at the art of genuine engagement. Our track record of identifying top-tier candidates speaks volumes, driven by our immersive presence in conferences, meet-ups, and knowledge-sharing dojos.

Say goodbye to the noise of everyday spam. Embrace a partnership where candidates heed our call because they recognize the value in our authentic interactions.

Join us in sculpting a future where potential meets purpose, where your aspirations find their wings, and where every step forward is a testament to the strength of our collaboration

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Our Ratios

96% CV introduction
to Interview
65% First Interview to
final interview
78% Final interview to placement

Our Process

  • Career
  • Requirement
  • Present
  • Interview preparation
    & advisory
  • Offer negotiation
    & support
  • Aftercare

Our Industry Focus

Deep Technology
Deep tech is the next wave of innovation, so organisations in this space will need the right talent onboard to rise to the challenge. We can help our clients identify and attract talent across machine learning, clean tech, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and space technology.
FinTech & Open Banking
Open banking is one of the most exciting and disruptive FinTech developments in recent years. It’s diversified the FinTech industry, challenged traditional banks and created greater customer financial transparency, and it’s not finished. To prepare for the ongoing rise of open banking, we can help organisations source skilled FinTech professionals who will help take them into the future.
Hedge Funds & Electronic Trading
The hedge fund and electronic trading markets are specialised and complex, which means you need a talent partner who has a deep understanding of the industry and your organisational needs. We can help connect you to the most skilled, intelligent and motivated professionals across hedge funds and electronic trading.
Renewable Energy & Sustainability Technology
We’re proud to play a part in accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral future. As part of this, we’re helping organisations connect with the renewable energy industry’s leading professionals. Our network features highly skilled and experienced software engineers across renewables, energy and sustainability technology.
Blockchain, DeFi & Web3
Blockchain, decentralised finance (DeFi) and Web3 are some of the most exciting, rapidly-developing industries within finance and technology, and we’re proud to help companies continue to develop within the market.

Whether it’s using blockchains and cryptocurrency technology to create a decentralised internet (Web3) or presenting a peer-to-peer alternative to traditional financial institutions (DeFi), the potential of this industry is enormous. Having the right talent onboard will help our clients meet this potential.