Our commitment? To grasp the intricate threads of technical demands and weave them seamlessly into tailored solutions.

We are selective in which clients we decide to partner with and at our core, it's a people-first ethos that fuels our approach. We're not just recruiters; we're your collaborators in envisioning the future. Through meticulous dialogue and strategic alignment, we harmonize your needs with our insights, refining searches to unveil hidden gems. Every candidate that graces your consideration is a result of our rigorous vetting process, ensuring candidates are not only highly qualified but also, highly interested and aligned with the opportunity.

When it comes to meaningful connections, we're not just faces on a screen. We get out and meet people, we listen, and we consult. This is where we truly shine. While others may plunge into the process, we excel at the art of genuine understanding and engagement. 


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97% CV introduction
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Our Process

  • Career
  • Requirement
  • Present
  • Interview preparation
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  • Offer negotiation
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Our Industry Focus

DeepTech, AI Start-ups
Deep Technology characterizes start-ups whose business models are rooted in advanced, high-tech engineering innovations or ground-breaking scientific discoveries. We take immense pride in collaborating with such DeepTech entities, many of which have their origins in esteemed institutions like Google DeepMind and Facebook AI Research. This collaboration underscores our commitment to being at the forefront of technological and scientific advancements, building teams for organizations shaping the future.
Hedge Funds & Trading Technology, FinTech
Our client portfolio features some of the globe's most eminent hedge funds and investment management firms , family offices, and digital asset firms, primarily based in the financial epicentres of London and New York. Our track record speaks volumes, having been instrumental in sculpting Engineering teams that are the driving force behind multibillion-dollar hedge funds. Moreover, we provide more than just recruitment; we offer invaluable insights and guidance on talent acquisition strategies and compensation trends, positioning our clients at the vanguard of their respective industries
We take immense pride in being the exclusive recruitment partner to a small number of billion-dollar FinTech powerhouses, Equally, we relish the opportunity to contribute to the growth of earlier-stage FinTech firms poised to disrupt markets and challenge the status quo. Our role in shaping their teams is not just a service, but a partnership driven by our relentless pursuit to be the most accurate, and efficient recruitment partner in the world. Whether working with established giants or rising stars, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, ensuring that we consistently deliver talent that can transform visions into reality.
Tech for Good Start-ups
Search Technology is also proud to be the exclusive partner of choice to a number of innovative start-ups who are building amazing technology, solutions and products that contribute to the world in a very meaningful way. Our clients range from clients in the Renewable Energy industry, EV, sustainability-tech all the way through to health-tech & Biotech start-ups.