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We are Search Technology

Search Technology was founded with the mission to become renowned for operating with an extraordinary level of accuracy and precision in its approach. We are proud to represent a portfolio of world-leading clients and have a longstanding track record placing the top percentile of researchers, technologists and product managers spanning the key markets we operate: DeepTech, Trading Technology, FinTech and Tech for good. Our clients share a common desire and that’s to hire the world’s smartest technologists who are commercially minded and capable of pushing the boundaries.

We are a team of highly experienced recruiters who have worked together for years and offer a wealth of experience. We are driven to perfect the art of headhunting whilst nurturing meaningful relationships and offering our clients and candidates expert advice, guidance, and market intelligence. We are deeply passionate about helping individuals find career-defining opportunities and helping our clients uncover talent who are not actively on the market.

We exclusively hire recruiters who are deeply curious people and embody our core values of Accuracy, Striving for Excellence and Continuous Growth and integrity.

Our Services

Permanent Recruitment
Our clientele includes a distinguished portfolio of DeepTech, AI Start-up, and Hedge fund entities, ensuring a diverse range of enticing opportunities. Whether you're initiating your career journey or advancing to the next level of professional development, our permanent recruitment services are meticulously tailored to elevate your success."
Retained Search Recruitment
With a proven track record in retained searches for senior, managerial, and C-suite level technologist positions, our recruitment firm excels in connecting you with top-tier talent. Specializing in AI, DeepTech, and Hedge Funds, our technology retained search service is a beacon of excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of these industries. We're committed to delivering exceptional results that drive the growth and success of our clients, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve in this dynamic arena
Contract Recruitment
Search Technology offers comprehensive contract recruitment services in both the US and UK, providing skilled contract staff to support clients that are embarking on various projects and initiatives. Whether your organization needs short-term assistance for specific tasks or long-term support for ongoing projects, our team is dedicated to finding the right talent to meet your requirements.


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